Possible mineral rights

Hello. I’ve been contacted multiple times by phone, email, and a written letter by a man named Bill Umstead. He’s even contacted my husband. He is saying that I have mineral rights in San Augustine county in TX. I live in Alabama, and have no clue how on earth I could have mineral rights in TX, much less what any of it means. Is this a scam? If not, what steps do we need to take? I would appreciate any help or advice. Thank you!

Most likely you inherited them and didn’t know it. That happens more than you might think. Is he wanting to buy or lease your minerals?

Don’t be pressured into anything. If you truly do own some minerals, they aren’t going anywhere. If he is reputable he should be able to give you enough information regarding the chain of title for you to figure out who it came from. Then you should hire a professional to help you determine exactly how many mineral acres you own and where they are located. Only then can you make an informed decision.

Thank you! My dad is calling them today because I was afraid it was a scammer. I have no clue who I would have inherited them from. All of my family is from AL and I don’t know a soul that lives in TX! So strange. I will be sure to tell him to ask about the names of who I could have gotten this from.

He didn’t say anything about buying or leasing. He just mentioned wanting to discuss them.

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