Possible Lease on Deer Hollow Road, Colorado County

I have been approached to lease my few acres on Deer Hollow Road to Ballard Exploration. Is anyone familiar with them, and can anyone tell me what the typical amount per acre is being paid in the general area? Thanks.

II have heard $200-$350/acre for a bonus and 1/5 royalties

Ballard is a reputable company. They were paying $500 per acre a few years ago. This may be higher now that there is production In and around Oakridge ranch.

Good point Mark, with some proven results nearby and also one of them being a Ballard well, I suspect Mr Jasek could receive more, best of luck sir!

Thanks for the quick replies. Where is Oak Ridge ranch?

Oak Ridge Ranch is south of CR 215. They are currently drilling on Deerfield Rd in Oakridge, I confused this with Deer Hollow Road.

Oakridge is about 3 Miles Northeast of Deer Hollow Road.

Mark Is this a new well Ballard is drilling in Oakridge Ranch in addition to the one they drilled and completed several months ago just outside and to the west of Oakridge?

Square Mile Energy is currently drilling on Deer Field Court (not Deerfield Rd.). I am not aware of any Ballard wells being drilled in Oakridge Ranch.

Great discussion. I wonder if $750 per acre is reasonable to ask for.

Glen if you want to give me a call sometime I can share some information I have My cell number is 281-787-5361, don’t worry I am not trying to sell you anything!

Mark, I think Square Mile has two wells producing in that area, one inside Oakridge and another northwest of the Oakridge entrance?


That is correct. One in Oakridge, and the "Highwire" well NE of the entrance.

Sorry, that is NW of the entrance - about 100 Yards from entrance.


We spoke a year or so ago when you posted this originally, I have a question and wanted to see if you have a few minutes to give me a call again, don't want to get into too much detail on this forum. My cell number is 281-787-5361.