Possible interest in selling

I have leased my inherited mineral rights in Alfalfa Co,Ok a couple of times but as far as I know there has been little or no activity.

I am now interested in exploring the posibility of selling but am a "babe in the woods here. Would anyone have suggestions as to how to go about exploring the current worth of this asset?

Thanks in advance

Jim Jones


James first of all welcome to the forum. If you do not mind and will list the legals of your mineral rights there are alot of good people on the forum that will check out the activity in your area. That step will help is figuring out what your acres may be worth, most companies buying minerals usually will offer 3 times the bonus amount per acrea as a starting point, my advice is not to sell, Alfalfa county is a current hot spot for drilling.


Thanks for your reply. I don't really know if we are interested in selling till I get more info. The rights are for 80 acres in S:26, T:29n, R:9w Nw4

I do appreciate any thoughts any of you more knowledgeable folks have


I agree with James in that you need to do some serious research on what wells have been drilled in your area and the amount of production from these wells. Be sure to check the proximity of these wells to your mineral acreage. Personally, I am not in favor of selling minerals but each individual has their own ideas and needs. If you find wells nearby that have good production, I would market my minerals on the very high side as you can always come down off the price. You may also consider selling part of your minerals instead of the whole amount. Just do your homework before making any decisions that is this serious. Good luck.

I have seen oil (WTI) go from $108 to $78 in just a couple months and I believe it is going a lot lower. A hot bed of activity doesn't mean if you own minerals in the area that you are getting rich it may just mean it might be a good time to sell part of what you own as minerals in Alfalfa county a few years ago could be picked up for $300-$500 per acre and at any time could go back to that. I am certain if oil keeps going down and they don't drill or if a well is drilled and is lousy or uneconomical to produce like many I have seen in Alfalfa, the people who give the advice not to sell any will not send you the cash you could've made. As for any number times the bonus, it's hogwash, I have seen some lease at $50 per acre and 20% while another leased at $1000 and 16%. I'd pay 3 times bonus of $50 for the 20% any day and let they other guy pay $3000 per for the 16% minerals. I have also seen 1000 bopd in one tract and 6 bopd across the road. Also, look at what Sandridge is doing and then look at Chesapeake, a Sandridge well may produce 200 bopd and Chesapeake do only 40 bopd.

I am a mineral rights buyer though, but it makes sense with 80 NMA to protect your down side risk by selling a portion like 1/2 but stay in the game to participate in any up side.

This is “No-Brainer.” Never sell your mineral rights!

Pat from Texas

A no brainer. Now there you go, someone who is obviously highly intelligent and can predict the future. Just goes to show you anyone can go around making illogical decisions, the world is full of them with their hands out right now. Some people have no clue and they don't even realize it.

I might possibly be interested in purchasing your minerals. You can email me at info at hefnerenergy.com if you are interested in discussing further.

Jim, I find this discussion, interesting but predictible. Who of us could presume to know your situation as to why you may or may not sell. We know you recieved your minerals from "up" the road, what we do not know is your age your health your situation and if you have any potential people's down the road. And actually do not care or need to know. And with that reference we mineral owners really do not need to know if we are going to reap the rewards now, soon, or to our benefactors down the road. I personally stand with Pat from Texas. I wish my mother would have valued that as well when she sold mineral rights to buy furniture for her new house. The furniture is now long gone as is the Bakken Minerals she sold. Just my two cents Brian...