Possible Fraudulent Lease

Any way you can find out a lease was signed prior to other family rights? Seems a step brother signed a lease stating there was no other family members. Trying to find out if its true. Is it public knowledge? Want to know if he got royalties before we signed.

I am not as familiar with WV, but there should be either a memorandum of lease or a lease filed in the county courthouse. Some counties are online back to a certain date and some you have to go search in person. Usually a bonus is paid at the time of leasing. Royalties do not begin until after a well is drilled and the products are sold.


As a free starting point go to netronline.com and search for documents under the various Family names.

Additionally this site also provides phone numbers for every courthouse across the US.

Thank you. I’ll try that. This was for Campbell County Wyoming and we wanted to see if he got a bonus check prior to the rest of the family signing the current one.

Probably worth contacting an attorney in WY familiar with minerals rights. You won’t necessarily need an attorney in Campbell county as most attorneys who work in this are provide services statewide.

Rick, you can search the records of Campbell County, Wyoming online. It is available though iDoc.

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