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My mother’s name was listed as " Address Unknown" on Pooling relief request from 1994. The applicant at that time was Shawver & Son, INC. the Nancy’s X # 1-20. Legal description: N/2, SE/4 of Sec 20, TS 13N, Range 3 west, Oklahoma County, OK. I emailed The OK Mineral Owner Registry inquiring about any royalties/retro pymts due to Mom. Dean K. Martin, Sr. Oil & Gas Landman responsed the next day informing us that Toland & Johnston, INC are the current operators-AND the well is STILL producing! Mr. Martin also gave me Toland & Johnston’s phone numbers. I finally spoke to Karen at T & J who says Mom’s R.I. is at 0.0009770, paystatus -S2 (not paid) and there are TWO parts the above-mentioned Gas R.I. AND an Oil part that was bought by Shell 20 years ago, but she says the operator is DCP-Midstream, LP(owner# 271285.0)who has since moved to Houston, TX. I feel like I am being bounced around! The hearing date and time was 8:30 am, 4-18-1994, Jim Thorpe Bldg. CAUSE CD NO.940 001331, ORDER #382862. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE it if someone can advise me on how to proceed with this dilemma.

Margaret: I am assuming that your mother is deceased (either now or in 1994). If that is the case, then the company will likely require a probate in order to begin paying royalties to the rightful heirs.
You may want to search her name with Oklahoma Unclaimed Property. Click Here and Mineral Owners Escrow Here

If the interest is small, an Affidavit of Heirship may be sufficient. If not a simple probate might do the trick.

Hello, I am reaching out to someone who can hopefully shed some light on my situation as one who has inherited my Mother’s mineral rights land in Carter Co. Oklahoma. I’ve been feverishly trying my best to do research on how I can determine if there has been previous and/or recent drilling on land located at: NW 1/4-NE 1/4 of TS 5S, Range 1W in Sec 22. My Mother was Margaret (recently deceased) who originally inherited this land from her Mother. I appreciate any help or advice I can receive concerning this matter.

Thank you,

L.K. Williams

There is a well in the SW4, but does not pertain to your mom. You may get offers to buy. Slow down as there is growing interest in horizontal wells.

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Hello M. Barnes,

Thank you for that information! Please excuse my tardy reply, there has been so much going on, I could just SCREAM…I am totally in the dark about what’s happening on our mineral rich land located in NW1/4-NW1/4-NE1/4-Sec 22-5S-1W in Carter County, OK. I refuse to just give up and throw in the towel with trying to decipher the magnitude of the this matter. I recently located supporting documentation about a TRIPLEDEE DRILLING CO. INC who has since changed their name to TRIPLEDEE OPERATING CO. LL–I have paperwork from my many months and long hours of online researching, which proves TRIPLEDEE started drilling on 6-14-80, first production of oil was on 8-06-80 and was completed on 9-01-80. Is this too long ago to continue with trying to gather and pinpoint if there was indeed royalties that should have been received? No one from TRIPLEDEE has ever contacted my mother regarding their interest, an authorization to drill, or at least to even offer a lease…I have heard of many sly, under the table dealings some (not all) oil drilling companies will practice, when it comes to making huge profits at the expense of elderly widows who live thousands of miles away from their mineral rich land. I am requesting your expertise and experience with similar cases and if it’s within your scope of power, that you can hopefully shed some light on this scenario. I know I may have to travel to OK and produce or inquire more information, however, I am willing to do whatever is necessary to honor my mother’s rights. If it will assist you with helping me, I would also like to forward you the supporting documentation I have regarding TRIPLEDEE’S Drilling activity. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration .

L.K. Williams

I hate to disappoint you but your mother has no claim to the J.R. 1 well. It is located in the SW quarter of the section and has a spacing of 160 acres which includes only the SW portion of the section (160 acres). Your mother’s acreage is in the northeast quarter so is not part of the spacing of the well. You have to have the minerals lie in the spacing area in order to get royalties. I have attached a copy of the completion order from the well. You can see a dot above the “160” in the SW4. Your acreage lies in the NE4. The well was a fairly poor well anyway, so you didn’t miss much.


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Hi M. Barnes,

Disappointed, Yes. But I greatly appreciate I didn’t miss much and the excellent information you provided at such lightening speeds. That was the exact documentation I located pertaining to this information. However, I have another question concerning a David W. Potts Land & Exploration Co. D.W. Potts claimed one check was mailed in the amount of $506.66 in July of 2007 to purchase an oil and gas lease. Enclosed with their letter requesting a lease purchase was a bank draft, providing $150.00 per acre bonus, a three year paid-up term, and a 3/16 royalty. I was interested in knowing why only one check was mailed to my mother, that she never received. Therefore, I called D.W. Potts, and spoke to Sharon, which was like pulling teeth, a week putting me off, including a song and dance to get the following sketchy information pertaining to how many checks were actually mailed out, and who had cashed the checks, as my mother had not received any checks from Potts.

Sharon then told me, she has no way of locating the cancelled checks to determine who cashed the check/checks besides that, Potts was working on behalf of another oil company, to whom she also refused to give me this other company’s name because Potts no longer does business with them. Does this sound shady to you? it sure sounds like it to me… I also have the documentation regarding the Potts case, if you would like to see it, I will be happy to email it to you. Do you think, I have a leg to stand on with following up with the Potts fiasco? I look forward to any information or advice you may have in this case.

Thank you, L.K. Williams

Again, I hate to disappoint you, but going back 13 years is really a stretch. The bank draft may have only been an offer. If she never sent a signed lease, then the draft is no good. What is your mother’s name and I can look up and see if a lease was ever filed. If so, then who filed it (as it may not have been Potts). Tell me the section, township and range.

Tripledee, for the record, is a reputable company. It is run by Tom Dunlap, a very honest and well thought of man. The Dunlap family has been in the business for many years.