very disappointed that we agreed to pooling our royalty checks are small does anyone know do they produce more oil as time goes by or are they getting as much oil as they can as soon as possible

There is generally a larger production first few months and then a fairly substantial decline rateā€¦70-80% by end of first year production in many cases. Also your checks will be reflecting your agreement as to royalty rate; percentage of total pool you own, and the negotiated expenses and deductions . I have also learned that operators may take steps to improve the wells once things level out, though this can be costly for them. . I have been asking many of these questions, myself. Where in La Salle are your minerals? Are you designated oil or gas? Condensate?

i only know its in lasalle and we are getting oil and gas i dont know what condensate means

The mid section of the Eagle Ford is a transition area from gas to oil. We are in that area, just a few miles south of Los Angeles, TExas. Here is a definition of condensate: It sells for about $10. less per barrel than oil.

1. n. [Geology]
A low-density, high-API gravity liquid hydrocarbon phase that generally occurs in association with natural gas. Its presence as a liquid phase depends on temperature and pressure conditions in the reservoir allowing condensation of liquid from vapor. The production of condensate reservoirs can be complicated because of the pressure sensitivity of some condensates: During production, there is a risk of the condensate changing from gas to liquid if the reservoir pressure drops below the dew point during production. Reservoir pressure can be maintained by fluid injection if gas production is preferable to liquid production. Gas produced in association with condensate is called wet gas. The API gravity of condensate is typically 50 degrees to 120 degrees.