Pooling trinity section 10, township 6N range 10 east

This is my first post here, I received an offer three years ago for pooling of a proposed well. I haven’t heard anything on this and am wondering if anybody has any knowledge on it. It’s all very confusing to me. In the past I have received offers for my mineral rights and just leased them so this is all new to me. Any info would be of great help

Welcome to the forum! You can learn quite a bit here.
10-06N-10E. I hope you answered the pooling when it was offered. If you did not, then they automatically assigned you the lowest royalty. Or you may have leased. You should be getting royalties from about five horizontal wells with the name Jana. If you are not, then you need to contact Trinity Operating. Be ready with your lease or pooling order response. They may owe you back interest.

Operator Address: 1717 S BOULDER AVE STE 201
TULSA, OK 74119-4842

Contact Phone: 918-561-5600

Were you pooled under your own name or a relative? That may be the issue. Or check the location. 10-6N-10E?

Thank you for answering, Yes I signed the lease for $800/acre plus 1/5 royalties. I forwarded them my new address but when I had previously called they told me to talk to a landman who never would return my calls. I guess I will give them another call since my mother is deceased now as well. She always helped me sort this stuff out so now I’m just lost. I appreciate your help

Document everything that you just said and call Trinity. Ask for the Division Order Analyst. Sorry to hear about your mom. You may have to untangle hers as well. If you inherited, let them know. In the meantime, you have royalties pending and probably interest. Send them a certified mail return receipt request for payment and interest. Make sure that your name and new address are filed in the county courthouse and affiliated with the description of your acreage.

Thank you for the help! I got in touch with the right people! They have a lot of money in”suspense” for our family.

So glad you were able to track them down. Keep copies of EVERYTHING!

If there are funds in suspense you may need to probate estates for one or more individuals. Have the division order analyst provide you with their title requirements. Probates can often be handled without any need to travel to Oklahoma or appear in court.

In addition to Trinity, you should check with the Oklahoma Unclaimed Property division. Trinity may have turned over revenue to them if they couldn’t find you and Trinity can’t ask for that back.

Good for you.

So now I have another issue as well. My great grandfathers will was due to go solely to my grandma. My great aunt and uncle are listed as unknown and I know they filed for the mineral rights after he passed and now they are all deceased. I don’t know how to get their names off of the mineral rights and into our names since that’s how it was supposed to be anyway? We are supposed to be the heirs but I’m so clueless. I have a gut feeling there is money in suspense for them plus royalties as well. Do I need to hire a land man or get an attorney to solve this issue? Sorry for all the questions.

You are going to need to hire an attorney to get the wills for several generations probated if it has not been done. That will clarify the title chain of who was supposed to get what. Then the attorney can help you file the proper documents in the county where your grandparents lived and also in the county where the minerals are located (if different). In the meantime, you can check the unclaimed funds in the OK treasurer’s office.

That’s what I was thinking but I wasn’t sure. Thank you for your help! I appreciate it! Have a good day