Pooling orders


I think I may have been served with a notice of forced pooling. I received a pink card from the Post Office but the Post Office could not find the letter. If someone tell me how to look up recent pooling order notifications, I would appreciate it.


The above relates to property in Oklahoma.


That may not be an easy task if you have multiple properties.
The case processing database. It is not easy to install correctly or use, however.

Once you have a case number you can get most of the information here.

Post the section township and range and someone should be able to help you.
If it is a pooling it is usually the last step. You should have been notified of other applications previously. Multi-Unit, Spacing, Location Exception, etc.

Possible you are being pooled in Carter Co 12 2S 3W but that is a March application and a Gainsville address.


If you post the STR I can get you the pooling order within a few minutes