Pooling order?

Just received what I was hoping for on the Dawson well at 20-04N-05W !!! Pooling order for a new well, increased density. Just wanted to share. Any updates on the area of 30-03N-06W? Just curious, it looks like drilling may be creeping that way :crossed_fingers: Thank you! Edit- Increased well density (adding a well to Dawson). Cause CD # 2024-001123 To this novice, my first thought was pooling order.

The OCC case documents explain their type at the top of the front page. This one is an increased density case. The other cases related are 001118 (Multi unit HZ Shredder 1-20-17XHS-see map), 001119 (Loc Exception Shredder 1), 001120 (Multi unit HZ Shredder 1-20-17XHS-see map), 0001121 (Loc Exception Shredder 2), 001123 (increased density). It is helpful to put them in case order and sort by date to read them. Morrow Springer horizon. If you are already leased at that reservoir, you will not get a pooling case. If you are not leased, then the pooling case may follow shortly. Dawkins 1-20H is the original horizontal well in 20-Woodford.

30-3N-6W is not likely to see anything for a while. Unfavorable location at this time.

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Received more documents about adding a well to 20-4N-5W.