Pooling Order Procedures - Am I Missing Something?


Is it common practice to be included in a pooling order when you’ve already leased your known minerals say 5 months ago and they are confirmed on-file? Is this a protective “blanket in case they missed something” type filing? Or did they actually miss something?

Native Exploration (CD2018-10090) just issued a pooling order that includes all the deceased children of a family, now being received by the heirs as certified mail on a minerals that were leased with Native back in May after a protracted heirship process back then. The envelope label says “known, unknown heirs and successors”.

Out of 90 listed, there are over 13 that apply to just this family and has now generated numerous phones to me of “what did we do wrong in May” . Seems like a lot of extra unnecessary effort for OCCC as well as the attorney’s office to generate.

Just let me know if this is a common practice necessitated by the legal process of oil/gas exploration or whether additional steps need to be taken on our end. Native is not replying to any inquires. Thanks everyone for the reply in advance…


OR do we just wait it out and the take the pooling order if it’s better…


I always reply to a pooling order in a timely fashion. I write a letter and send by certified mail return receipt and save a copy . I say something to the effect of "I have leased with company X as of date X and lease is filed on book and page X/X. In the event of the filed lease not being honored as valid, I hereby accept the following option (pick the one that is the same as how you leased.)

Sometimes, it is just an issue of them filing the original court application and that date is before probates or leases are filed.


Martha — you are the best —

Will go the extra steps on my end so that I don’t have 13 cousins from around the world showing up on my doorstep in the near future over this.

Thanks for such a prompt reply…



As a business decision, I would also adopt Martha’s good advice given elsewhere and chose the highest royalty (lowest bonus) option in your “election” letter.

You sometimes see election letters in the Corporation Commission files, so sending a copy to the OCC wouldn’t hurt. Be sure to include the Cause CD# and the Order No. in the reference.


How would I find the book and page for my lease?


You can sometimes find it by using okcountyrecords.com The digital files only go back to the early 90’s so if before that, you will have to ask the county clerk or landman to help you.


Just need to call them from a hospital phone, they tend to get answered… :slight_smile: