Pooling order in sec 14 16N 06W

I just discovered that Chaparral has filed a pooling application for this section where myself and siblings have mineral rights. This was filed July 21 along with a notice of hearing. On July 29th an affidavit of mailing was filed. We are not listed in the application even though we were listed on the application to establish horizontal drilling and spacing units on May 4th. At that time we were listed as known and unknown heirs of my mom’s estate. Since then the will has been probated and the final decree has been filed. How come we are not in the current application? I have not sold my mineral rights and they are currently not leased. So what is up? The affidavit of mailing stated that all known unleased parties were notified. The cd# for the May documents is 201601729, the July # is 201602995., before discovering this application I had called the representative at Chaparral listed on the document, but never received a call back. I then sent a letter stating the final decree was filed and listed the names of the heirs to the same rep listed along with the lawyer representing Chaparral. I am fairly sure they know who we are now so is there anything else I should do or am I not supposed to be listed in the pooling order? Thank you for any help into this matter!

Is there a phone number to call in for the pooling hearing?
Have you filed your mother's will and mineral rights documents with the OK county courthouse?

Perhaps call the Kingfisher County clerk, with as much info as you have, and ask what needs to be done. I had to send them documents before the oil company could talk to me.

You sent me a reply in another thread - I would guess that where you said something about having 1/32 now instead of 1/8th... with your three siblings having sold... it may be that you still have 1/8th, but only 1/4 of the family's acres with that interest? It can still be worth pursuing...

Don't give up! If you don't want to sell, talk to the county clerk, gather all the documentation you have regarding ownership of mineral rights, and if you can still call in to the pooling order today, listen in and learn all you can.

I'm a newcomer to this, still learning.