Pooling order $7K

Another big $ pooling order in Grady County this week, 34-6N-6W $7000 and 18.75% (3/16) $6900 and 20% $6800 and 22% $0 and 25% (1/4) Link to order http://imaging.occeweb.com/AP/Orders/occ30092473.pdf

Section 33-6N-6W pooled for the same amount about 3 months ago.

My first thought is that oil companies really do not want anyone to choose 25% (1/4)…

Can you imagine the production numbers to make up that $6800 per acre bump based on an extra 3% RI?

Hard to imagine… my guess is it would take 4 years with 5 or 6 very good wells to make up the difference.