Pooling Offers in Canadian County

I've got 2 sections in Canadian County, Ok, 22-11N-7W & 24-11N-7W and Citizen Energy II has filed their assignment on it now. I got a packet from their attorney and they have filed a location exception, multi unit spacing and a pooling hearing at the OCC at the Tulsa OCC office/court. Also has anyone heard what the per acre dollar amount and what percentage amount they are offering for pooling? I'm not interested in selling my minerals, just seeking pooling offers from the oil companies. I've had some offers to sell mailed to me from some oil companies that were pretty impressive so my sections must be pretty good prospects!



I have mineral rights in Washington Township of Grady County that butts up against Canadian County and is underdoing the same process. Citizen Energy II is going through the process with OCC for a horizontal well that pools our rights [Grady County, Section 5, Township 10N, Range 8W] with Canadian County Section 32, Township 11 North, Range 8 West .

Seems like we should stay in touch as these proceedings and potential drilling operations progress.

We are under a 3/16 lease until September of 2017. I have heard there are some 2/5 leases being signed in Grady county.

A lot of the pooling in Canadian county aren’t near what you could do a lease for. Just be careful because once the pooling order goes out you have 20 days to elect or you will get the worst terms possibly given.

Citizen pooled Sec 21 in 2016 for $1500 3/16 $1250 1/5. That is likely to be the range. You will have only one chance at the pooling and only 20 days to respond.