Pooling Modification of an Oil and Gas lease

I live down in Texas and received a letter announcing modification of an Oil and Gas lease covering 74 gross acres in a land situate more or less in the McElroy District, Tyler County West Virginia (my folks came from Clarksburg), dated March 7th 1972, recorded in Lease Book/Page 192/68. But on another page it says “being of record in Deed Book 193, Page 68 of the land records of Tyler County” WV. - Why the difference? A simple error?

I also have no idea what all this means. Never heard of it before. The family member executing my Dad’s WILL never disbursed any inheritance my way, nor mentioned this and it’s been nearly 20 years saince his passing. Should I have received money from this lease over the years? What do I do? Just sign the pooling modification and send it in? I’m disabled and have no idea where to start. Please walk a newbie through this, as the document I received claims this “offer” is valid only until Dec 31st 2019, OR until ‘seven days’ from my receiving it. Any advice? ~ JMA

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Hi Mr. Adams - I too received the same modification with the exact property. My husbands last name was Adams. He passed away in 2008 and I am one of his heirs. I was wondering if your Dads name was Paul Eugene Adams? L Adams