Pooling in S216NR9E?

Has there been any pooling in the S2 16N R9E as yet? Contracts were being issued to the mineral rights owners as far back as a year ago. Dark Horse did not want to negotiate the contract they sent me so I'm now waiting on the pooling order.


Same here. I asked for 2 yr lease, no option to extend, $250 per acre and 3/16 on my approx 20 acre minerals in 17-16-9. Told me I would have to wait for pooling.

Rick Root

No pooling in the last 500 days. Pantera does have a permit to drill a SWD Salt Water Disposal well in 34-17N-9E just catty corner to you, so that is encouraging.

Dark Horse has 261 leases in that township so I think you will see something eventually.