Pooling in Grady County 31-10N-06W and 35-10N-06W

I would very much appreciate information on the pooling orders and the “options” available in the orders on 5-23-2019 for Grady County, 31-10N-06W and 35-10N-06W. Thanks!


What information do you need? The Orders are pretty self explanatory. Section 31 has 6 options, 1 being to participate. #2- $4,000/acre & 1/8; #3- $3750/acre & 3/16ths; #4- $3200/acre & 1/5; #5- $2250/acre & 22% and #6- $1750/ac & 1/4th.

Thank you for the response! That information was exactly what I was seeking. I don’t know how you researched to get the order. I tried every way I could and was unsuccessful. Appreciate the help!

I typically like the largest royalty in this case 1/4th. It is important to act quickly unless you want to be saddled with the 1/8 royalty. Remember, this could last for decades. Choose wisely. Also, I like to provide a notice via certified letter and to also file my election with the Okla Corporation Commission. Keep in mind your deadline.

Section 35: #1- Participate; #2- $1750/acre & 3/16; #3- $1300/ac & 1/5; #4- no cash & 1/4th.