Pooling in 17-16N-09E

Dark Horse Energy replied to my request for $250 bonus and 3/16 royalty that they would not go 3/16 but would give 1/8. When I turned that down, they said I would just have to wait for forced pooling then. Has anyone heard if they have filed for pooling on 17-16N-09E.

They have signed far far more leases for 3/16th then 1/8th. in 16n-9e . No pooling filed yet, No poolings in 16n-9e at all from 2012 to now. The terms of your lease are also very important.

Thanks Ron. I would rather have a 1/5 or 1/4 and no bonus. Are the bonuses going more than $150 with the 3/16th? I had a relative say that I would do better with the pooling so I should not sign anything yet. Is that often the case? What terms should I be asking for?

I would not be in any hurry. You need a no deduction and depth clause in you lease. Do not give option to extend. If you can't get this wait for the pooling . There are some new players coming in to Creek Co. and they are there to drill horizontal wells.

Do not take 1/8 under any circumstances.

Ron is right, horizontal players are moving in. Slow down and wait. $150-$250 seems to be the range in the area. This is a developing play. Wait for the FP. No guarantee of 1/4 though.