Pooling has been filed for on section 4-18-14 201800511

They have filed for pooling but did not add me to the pooling filing of relief. What should I do.

Any help. Do I file some sort of protest or something or try and lease it before this is completed. What do I do?

277-OCCCD201800511.pdf (125 KB)

I have 26.575nma in this section not yet leased. Newfield hold the majority of lease hold in this section some 400+nma's.

You are named in the Amended Application.

Todd M. Baker

OCC has nothing on file for this. Do you have the amendment you speak of? If so please forward to me at CaptCamsCatch@pacbell.net

Yes you are listed on the amended app. Section 3 was pooled with options of $1050 per acre with 1/8 or $1000 per acre with 3/16.