Happy Sunday to all,

I have a question on how to keep oil companies from saying to the judge that we are not cooperating and are force polling us for less than our lease is. We were told you have a lease and we are going to pool you so you will receive 1/5 on your North 160 acres and that will be divided by you and your three siblings. On our south quarter we are leased for 3/16 But the 120 acres there is stated in a final decree to be as owners to be paid on 1/2 + 1/7 and the 40 the Se/4 SW/4 of 8-16-9. They are paying us less on production because the drilling well is on our South quarter and the are paying us on part of the Minas but they put them all the same way of 1/2 +1/8 and on both quarters we are being paid less than an 8th. I was told they met before the Jude and asked for irregular 640 spacing and only paying us on 25% of the minerals we own and they are not paying us 1/5 on it all like they told us. I was told to write a demand letter and I would get my 1/5 on our 1/2 section but I am getting the run around on the issue. I have sent all 72 pages showing what we own and that 3 people telling us don't sign anything because we have leases and will be pooled and will receive 50% on both sections. We are not receiving anything close to that. How do I get this taken share of and how do I such under miscellaneous files to find the deed to 40 acres of minerals we purchased in Blaine county. My aunt went and filed a deed in her son's name and he is getting the money on the 40 acres. We also have an additional 2.5 acres on the same piece of land. How do I find the records on this plot of land in Blaine vounty?

Thank you for answering and helping us savillions.