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I got an offer for Section 23 in this area, Anyone else?

Offer to purchase or offer to lease?


Well I talked to them again and they said there are two faults between my section and the ones that are producing. I’m S28 3N 7E. They did offer $100 per acre and 3/16ths. And this is ahead of a forced pooling order. I’m wondering if they are just trying to get a good deal before the forced pooling.

Other offer was in April by the way.

I have mineral interest in 3N-4E and 3N-7E. Is anyone aware of any activity in these areas?

Has anyone heard of Crown Energy Company. They are contacting me about leasing some mineral rights that I didn't even know we had. Passed on from my grandparents. Don't even know where to start.

Please contact me. There is information you need to know.


I’m wondering what is up with Crown energy also. They sent me the lease on s28 3n 7e. I did get an explanation that they feel this section is risky because of the fault line between it and the producing areas of the county. That is information that I do not know how to verify. Also they included mining and a two year extension in the lease which I do not agree to in any lease. So what is the deal with Crown?

I can tell you what I know about the activity in 3N-7E. Crown Energy is leasing and pooling in this township and are most interested in the area starting in Section 15 and moving Southwest. They have drilled a disposal well in Section 21, which is odd to me because they have not yet drilled any producing well. I know they have offered as much as 100/acre and 3/16th roy or 125/acre and 1/8th roy and and all of the poolings I have seen have the same elections. The average cost of well is about 2 million. I know in this side of Pontotoc County we are seeing horizontal wells trying to get into the Hunton formation for oil. Hunton wells can make a lot of water and this may be the reason they drilled the disposal well first. There has not been much competition between oil companies in this area so they have not had much incentive to offer more than the 100/acre.

Thanks for all that information. I ended up with a pooling order $100 per acre and 3/16ths so I guess that was best. Also I did not know about the Hunton formation but I will research it.

My name is Troy Curtis, a landman, with Concho Land Company in Freedom, OK as well as Oklahoma City. I thought while times are slower, I would offer to help with any questions people may have in general and post my email, conchojobs@gmail.com for any and all questions. I also wanted to offer our services for individuals in need of mineral research or help with production related concerns in all Oklahoma Counties and the surrounding states.


is there any activity ?


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Haven't seen much activity in Pontotoc County for a long time. However, I now have an offer of $200/A @ 3/16, with a favorable Exhibit A, in 24-2N-7E. Anyone have relevant information (activity in this area, other lease offers, etc.)?

Pontotoc has been VERY quiet for a while except for already producing fields. My question for you is where in 24 are you with your legal location and are you getting royalties from the Sanders #1 well? That well is spaced at 640 acres, so unless you have a depth clause in your old lease, I am wondering why you are getting an offer. That well may be holding the whole section. It is listed as active (although pathetic) with production at the OTC for August 2016, October 2016 and January 2017.

The Christian #1 well is also active, but it is spaced at 40 acres so you might not be in it.

There have been no leases in that section in the last 999 days (probably due to the Sanders well) so something sounds either off or encouraging. You might want to ask the landman why he thinks you are eligible to lease.

Thanks, Martha. I am getting royalties for Christian #1, but not Sanders. The landman seemed to be aware of a portion of the section being held by production, but didn't indicate that anything was holding the whole section. The area for which I now have an offer is NE NE NW, and it apparently was never conveyed forward from my grandfather. That might explain the lack of royalties from Sanders, which may mean they're in suspense. Yet another thing to research. :) Our holding that's held by production is described as NE/4 SW/4 NW/4; NE/4 NE/4; S/2 NE/4 NW/4; N/2 SE/4 NW/4. I don't presently know whether or not we ever had a lease for the Sanders well; we may have been pooled without our knowledge, depending on when that well was drilled.

Martha: I emailed the landman, and he said he believes that both Christian #1 and Sanders #1 are spaced at 40A, per Order #571167. I don't know which info is correct here. Do you have information about a later spacing order?

Our lease on the Christian well has a Pugh clause, so we're OK there. I know nothing about Sanders yet, however, and maybe we were pooled. We'll figure that out. He did mention, though, that his client is only interested in the McAlester formation, so a depth-limited lease is possible, which might make the lease bonus more palatable.

You are right on the spacing for Sanders. The first place I looked said 640 acres, but the well is very shallow and I wondered about that. I just looked up the original spacing order now that the OCC is back on line and it is spaced at 40 acres.

The Sanders well at 40 acres is outside of your leasehold as you quoted above.

Do you have the lease for the Christian well or was it pooled? If you have a Pugh clause in the lease, they might not be holding everything except for the NE/4 SW/4 NW/4 since that is the only parcel included in the spacing of the well.

Do you have a description for the complete overall acreage in that section? It looks like you would be free to lease the NE NE NW since there is no producing well there. You may have some heirship documents to get done to get it legally into your hands.

The last pooling in Sec 24 was in 2012. SE NW went for $100 3/16 or $0 1/4.