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I have some minerals in the County is there and leasing going on are drilling


I have some minerals i would like to lease in Sec 28 &29 of TS 10S R4 E and in sec 33 TS10S R 4E: Sec 5 &6 TS. 11 S R 4E: Sec 8 &9 & 10 Ts 11 S R 4E and Sec. 19 TS 8S R 2E


Hi Carolyn,

Were you able to lease minerals on your property at Section 33, Township 10S, Range 4E? This property of yours seems to be close to my family's property. If you were able to lease, do you mind sharing the terms of your lease?



haven't leased anything in Ms. there was a co a few years back wanted to lease. but could not come to agreement they wanted a 5 year with a 5 year ext. which means they were not going to drill rather sell to some other co.