Polling Issue

Good evening folks. Excuse my lack of knowledge but i respect the information i have viewed thus far on this site. I represent a organization which owns 207 acres of protected lands in North west Pennsylvania. The lands are protected under easements for cultural and environment aspects. recently i was approached by a land man from CaffeeyGroup to purchase a lease for horizontal drilling. I was told to take the offer or the oil company would just take the resource without pay. I have done some research into Good Faith offers etc. I also have a call into the organizations lawyer who happens to be a retired DEP lawyer. But i also wish to seek the opinion and knowledge from persons utilizing this site. Thank you in advance for your time.

Cathy, laws governing mineral exploration can vary widely by state. What you've described would not be correct here but may be in Pennsylvania. So the best course, is the one you mentioned... present the situation to an attorney in PA. Though you should discuss it with one who works with oil & gas law, so that may not the one you've contacted.

Also remember producing oil and gas beneath your property may not require a drilling rig anywhere near your protected land. You might want to ask the leasing agent the location for any proposed wells. Access to your surface lands, and/or the right to disturb them, can be excluded from a lease contract. Perhaps that may make a difference in your decision. Regardless, seek good legal counsel before making any decision. Good Luck.