Polaris 4750 A 3HL and B 4HL

Does anyone have any information on these wells?

Looks like both are online and producing: Spud Date: 4/2021 Completion: 11/2021 First Production: 11/2021

3HL API10: 4246141741 4HL API10: 4246141740

Both came online pretty strong but A 3HL looks to be ~25% greater production than B 4HL. Any specific questions on the wells?

Thanks for the response. Do you have any information on daily production?

Here is monthly reported production to the state (lags 2-3 months). Still in their early production phase so numbers will bounce a bit for the first 6-12ish months as the well is in its initial decline to steady state (where annual production decline is easier to predict)

A 3HL image

B 4HL image

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Thank you! That is great.

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