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Looks like Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS) is gradually moving down toward Ponte Coupee. The Austin Chalk lies above the TMS and is the glory zone for Pointe Coupee. Trouble is, we do not have developers that seem to know how to get the minerals out of the strata. Odessa/Midlands is going through a grand renewal, perhaps the same can occur In the Austin Chalk.

TMS has run out of steam with the Saudi's actions in the OPEC. The price of oil and gas is so low, nobody is drilling. Some say they are about to "spud a well" but not much in confirmation yet. Long horizontals are expensive to drill and to frack. And it seems to me all the fracking outfits are gradually shutting down and moth balling equipment.

TMS has all but dried up, cost of drilling is prohibitive. So do not look for any action in the Pointe Coupee area for a long time. Maybe if the Saudi's and Iranian's go to shooting each other then things may rapidly change. But they are both money hungry so that is unlikely to occur. Ergo, sit and wait.