Does anyone know what minerals are going for around section 16 Block 31? Any help would be appreciated.

What township?

Dave, all I know is it is in Section Sixteen Block 31, T&P RR Co. Survey, Howard County, Texas. It is just east of Luther. That is all I know for now. If I find more info I will add it. Thanks for any help.

You are probably in Township 2 North. My mineral interests are about 6-7 miles southwest of you. Are you wanting to sell your minerals or lease them? My philosophy is to never sell minerals and I have never regretted declining offers to sell minerals. Future potential production and lease bonuses have always been a better deal for me.

On the land section 16, Block 31, T-2-N, T & P RR survey. I left out the T-2-N yesterday. Yes, I agree and thanks for your in-put. I don't know anything about lease bonuses but will find out. thanks!