Plugged and Abandoned!

After my father's death the family farm was deeded to me. It is presently rented for cattle pasture. The country assessor shows that the gas well on the acreage was plugged and abandoned in March, 1960. There is a bank that owns 1/2 of the mineral rights, purchased in 1939.

1. What dangers, if any, are associated with a plugged and abandoned gas well?

2. Do I or the 1/2 owner of the mineral rights have an obligation to inspect/maintain the plugged and abandoned well head?

Thanks for your help,


If a well has been properly plugged and abandoned, there should be nothing to inspect or maintain. The casing should be cut off below ground level and a plate welded over it.


You did not advise on what State this plugged well is located in but in Texas, the regulatory agency (Railroad Commission of Texas) would have records of the plugging procedures on all P&A'd wells. The regulatory agency of the State where this P&A'd well is located would most likely have a record on file. As Mr. McConnell stated, if the well was properly plugged, there should be no problems.


Thank you for your thoughtful responses. I was able to check with the state oil and gas commission and obtained all the records. As you've indicated, it appears to have been properly plugged.