Plugged and Abandoned

I am looking for possible answers to an odd situation. I am being paid very very minimal royalties for two wells that the OCC website gives me information saying they have been plugged. One in 1991 and the other in 2002. Reason for plugging on one is "Due to severe casing leaks". Form 1003/1003C.

Lynden what are the legal descriptions, (sec, tnshp ,range) and what are you needing to know?

The legal description is 28 4N 4W. I am needing to know how a well that has paperwork saying it is P & A can still be producing at least on paper. Are there any explanations other than a paperwork foul up?

Lynden this property is in Garvin County and acording to the OCC website there are 21 wells listed in this section. need to know the area of section you are located and the names of the wells. Most of the wells listed in the section ar still active and run by Merit Energy and Chesepeake Energy.

Yeah, I've done as much research as I think I can do via the internet. I share some mineral rights in the SE and SW quarter sections with some cousins. The wells in question are the Purdy Hart unit NE C-7 (NEPHU C-7) API# 38139 and the NE Purdy Hart D-8, API# 38132. The D-8 paperwork says it was plugged at 8550', 800' and at 33'.

I can call Merit but I was just wondering if I was overlooking something obvious and I posted on the Grady County board because it is much more active than the Garvin board. Part of the question is are these parcels held by production? If you researched using the OCC website I think that you would conclude that they are not but none of that might matter considering:

In that section 28 there are 3 vertical wells into the Woodford on 160 acre spacing. The Reid B 1-28, Lane D-5 which was recompleted in 1993 from a 1955 well and the Wells 1-28.