Please Help! What is Gypsum Worth?

Currently a Gypsum Company is mining off my land from a contract signed in 1960 at .15 a ton. Currently they are wanting to mine a new property which means a new contract!!!

Does anyone know what my price per ton should be for the Gypsum. Hard to find information on Gypsum so I am looking for yalls help as I enter negotiations! Thanks so much and have a good one!


Gypsum prices have not kept up with inflation over the past 10 years and it appears that you are getting a fair price given the basic economics of the industry. If you think the prices will go up during the life of your property there are several assurances you can put into a new contract that will help you without being onerous to the mining company. The last thing you want is for them to close the mine or operate elsewhere because they are not getting a proper return on the risk they take to mine and process gypsum from your deposit.

I did a search on USGS and found their site. From there I did a search on Gypsum, went to USGS Mineral Information, Gypsum.
There you can click on 2012 and get the data of how many tons were mined last year and the value. I then went further down on the page and found archived years, there you can look up the value and tons mined in 1960 and do a comparison. Hope this helps. MM