Pleasants County, WV - Leases

I am new to this site and very uneducated about this topic so forgive me if I misstate something. I have 53 acres in the Jefferson District, Pleasants County. I am interested in leasing for resources exploration, if they are interested. I read some of the material out there, but still am unsure if my tract is viable. Were you all contacted by the companies, or did you contact them? Can anyone shed some light on a recommended way to go about this? Does anyone know if the Jefferson district is being looked at?



First to answer your question regarding contacts, usually the mineral owner is contacted by a landman who has researched records at the County Clerk's office. This landman has been hired by an operator who is interested in leasing in a particular area and sometimes works for a company hired by the interested operator. You can learn which company is leasing in your area and contact their land department. Another avenue on this forum would be to read and post under "Groups" above. Click on "County Groups" and then find West Virginia and then click on Pleasants County. These posts are from individuals with mineral interest in Pleasants County. WV has been very active over the past year, primarily in gas leases. Hope this info helps.


Thank You. I will check further there.