Platte cry Wy 2018 lease offer


Totally ignorant of lease offers. I own a portion of 1500 acres of sections 29, 30’ and 31. I recently received an offer of 50 per acre plus 1/6 royalty. So are these in line with what the value is in today’s market? Thanks,


I moved this over to the Platte county, WY Category where is will hopefully get more traffic. You need to add the Township and Range to your question.


Thanks for the help. the region is Township 20 Range 65. Also is there more I should look for in an offer besides a non-deduction clause?


I am not an expert in WV leases, but in OK, we look for no post production costs, limit the shut in time frame, have a commencement of drilling clause, do not warrant title, do not accept a top lease clause, and a few others.