Plant Products on a Royalty Check statement

What is this please?


You might have to contact the operator to get the exact desciption of what this wording "Plant Product" entails but for your reference to information on the royalty check statement, you can click on "MINERAL HELP" at the top of this page and scroll down to "ROYALTY STATEMENT". This might help you on matters regarding royalty statements.

Natural gas liquids recovered from natural gas in a gas processing plant or, in some situations, from field facilities.


I couldn't find anything in Mineral Help - I'll just call EOG


Susan, JW is correct. You are fortunate that EOG is paying you for the products. We had a lease once that stated we were to be paid for the plant products and weren't. It took litigation, a lot of time, and money to do something about the situation!

The higher the BTU content of the gas, the more liquids it contains. A gas processing plant strips out the butane, propane, isobutane, pentane, etc. Whenever it is in your lease to be paid royalty for the products, it increases your royalty check! I hope you were pleasantly surprised!

I was!