Pittsburg County Liens


**_- Are mineral rights affected by any liens that may be on property? would this affect heirs of mineral right royalties ?


Yes. Liens need to be cured, to have clear title for any leases to be complete.


Can you be more specific about ‘any’? One owner’s liens wouldn’t encumber rights of another. Also, if the lease was granted before the effect date of the action causing the liens, then it should be superior.


I m wondering if because we inherit small mineral rights would there be any leans we may be responsible for them.


You can use okcountyrecords.com and search your name or the name of the people you inherited the property from to see if there are any outstanding.

Alternatively, you can contact the appraisal district/tax assessor for the county your property is in and make sure they have up-to-date contact for you.


I found a journal of judgement dated 2013. it is my family tree, and It almost sounds as if rights are now lost to that property.