Pittsburg county/ Cortera

Where can production info be found? I received funds from unclaimed royalties sec 33 t6n 15e from continental resources.

I moved your request over to the Oklahoma Pittsburg county Category

You can find the latest 12 months of production for free on the Oklahoma Tax site. You can request more. Which well do you need info on?


Thanks so much. I received a royalty claim from unclaimed property Oklahoma. No idea how it was calculated. It was from continental resources . 33 6n 15E.


Contact Continental and ask which wells they are paying on and to give you a run sheet. They should have included it at the top of the check they sent. It is a list of the wells and which month they are paying on. Ask them for your net acres. They have it.

The general formula is: net acres/spacing acres x royalty x % perforations in your section.
They may have been paying on one well or several wells. The vertical wells may have a different decimal interest than the horizontal well since the spacings are usually different.

Ok. I received from Oklahoma unclaimed from my mom. Thank YOU