Piston Honda Wells

Is there anyone who can possibly tell me the parcel numbers for the wells Piston Honda 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. I can find information the wells have been producing for quite some time. Family has only received royalty on Piston Honda 4. I’d again appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you.

Piston Honda wells located in Greene County, PA Springhill Township

Hi Lkdec, you can use the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas map https://gis.dep.pa.gov/PaOilAndGasMapping/OilGasWellsStrayGasMap.html? to find the well pad id (152513), site id (790582), longitude and latitude, and street address (641 Morford Rd, Aleppo, PA) of the well pad. From Acrevalue, or the county assessor site, you can often find the parcel number (01000301 in this case).
Your ownership documents may explain why you are receiving royalties from only one well. If the operator responds, he may also be able to answer your questions.

PeteR - thank you for taking the time to provide all this information. I’m continuing to learn from others on this site how to navigate around. Thank you again for the help.

The parcel numbers you have interest in, as a whole, should be on your signed lease(s). If you go to www.pa.uslandrecords.com, select a county (Greene) and then enter your last name first name you can pull up all of the Memorandum’s, deeds, Declaration pools etc that are under your name there. There is a fee to access the actual documents but the fee is small, max $5.00/ document I think but these will tell you what parcels numbers are included and how much of your parcel is in the unit. You will find this info towards the back of the document.

Sam, thank you for your reply. I do have my parcels numbers my lease was signed on. I am looking for the parcel numbers the Piston Honda wells are built on. Any chance you might be able to help with that info?

I don’t know how you would get all the parcel numbers in a particular unit, I would think that would be privileged information and not accessible in one easy place. Of course you could call who ever is drilling the well and ask, but they probably won’t give you the info, only your info. The only thing I can think of would be to find a person in each well and ask them to pull their Decl Pool info from the US Landrecords site.

Thanks for your reply Sam. I appreciate your insight on possible ways to obtain. Thank you.

The operator (EQT) should give you this information but if you go on US Land Records, you can search your name or whoever the lessor is for your lease. That will pull up all the Declaration of Pooling docs for that particular lease and will cost $5 to download. I can see online that the Piston Honda 10 & 12 have not been completed just FYI. It is difficult to figure out the exact unit outline but on the Unit declaration it will show your lease and how many gross acres are in that unit. There might be 6-8 different units/ pad site so you arent necessarily in all the wells.

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