I have mineral interests and am part owner of the farm at Sec 27, 10N, 08W. ONEOK notified my sister about their desire to run a pipeline across the south field. We lease to a farmer whose alfalfa will be partially destroyed.

Has anyone had experience with this? I have no idea how to negotiate with ONEOK.

Be interesting to see what happens.

I would get the farmer's input, but this isn't ONEOKs first time crossing good farmland. They pretty much know what they have paid to other farmers.

I had a family member that negotiated the amount they wanted for crossing their land with the pipeline representative.

Then the pipeline representative had to negotiate with the farmer who was leasing the land on the alfalfa crop damage and the re-seeding/fertilizer re-drilling & labor costs.

(Alfalfa Bales Per Acre X Price Per Bale X # Acres X # Cuttings Lost) + (estimated re-seeding/fertilizer re-drilling & labor costs) = Potential Damage Payment to the Farmer

Impacted acreage can be determined by: [length x width] / 43,560 but the ONEOK rep knows this.