We just received a pipeline easement from Saddle Butte Pipeline for $15.00 for easement and 10-12 foot pipeline. Anyone involved in this?



Ms. Andrecovich, have you already agreed ? (hope not) Have you had help in negotiating the pipeline easement ? I wouldn’t negotiate a pipeline easement myself because I know after study that, I would probably miss more than one important point. If they do not have your agreement yet, I urge you to study pipeline easements on this forum and I hope you come to the same decision I have, that it would be a good thing to let someone professional on your side negotiate it. If the easement is $15 a foot and they have 10 to 12 feet how many pipelines are they going to place in it ? You could be getting paid for each line and not just a single payment and many other points. If I granted an easement it would be single use, for the width of the pipe and on term basis and not forever. Too many points. If they have a 12 foot easement they can probably profit from letting someone else use their easement, instead of another company haveing to pay YOU again for the use. Good luck, whatever you do.