Pipeline ROW prices

A pipeline company just contacted us about putting a pipeline through our land. They have offered us $23.00 a foot for a 6 inch gas line. Is this the going rate for pipelines in Dewitt County? Of course we will be in contact with our attorney but was just looking for any additional info. Thanks for any information you can give us.

Dear Mr. Hrabovsky,

The high standard on ROW pricing for eminent domain pricing is $2.50 per inch of diameter of pipe per foot. So a 6 inch line would price out at $15.00 per foot.

On non condemnation pricing on lands not part of the unit for which the product is being transported, the pricing is based on your negotiation skill and the options available to the company.


Buddy Cotten

Thanks for the information. This pipeline actually will be transporting gas from a unit to be placed on our land that we are pooled 17 acres. I have posted to this discussion in my fathers name who recently passed away. I have now changed our profile info.

Roberta, I am attaching some good information on Negotiating P/L Easements that was previously posted on this Forum.

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1516-NegotiatingPLEasements.doc (88 KB)

Pat, Thanks so much for the the information. It's good for us mineral owners to have a place where we can share information.

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