Pipeline ROW $$ per Rod

Would like to hear ballpark figure on Price per Rod for a 16" gas line to be put in

Block 13, south of Pecos. I have checked the Univ. Lands price, but it also says minimum and negotiable. Thanks JB

this would be helpful to me too, as have also been approached about a pipeline, looks like maybe the same one.


Sorry, I have edited my original post. This should have been for a 16" Gas line, instead of a 30".

It mostly depends on how crowded your property is with pipelines and how easy it would be to go around you. Even for uncongested areas of Reeves, I would try to get 150% of UTLands rates and get the terms (number of years) in that damage schedule. Renewals can be a great source of income.

Thank You Wade. We have used that figure and 10 years on another line and was

hoping that was in the ballpark.

Thanks Again,