Pipeline right of way

What is the expected compensation per rod for a ten inch pipeline running through a long section across the middle of a property

It depends on the permanent ROW granted and pipe size — recently in the McClain / Grady part of town, you could use a rule of thumb of $10/foot per permanent easement — so 40’ would be $400 and 50’ would be $500 per rod. If you are not well-versed in this area and have a proposal, need to google and read all you can. Pipeline company will throw a one-page simple contract at you but ours expanded out to three pages on our family farm. My best analogy for pipeline easement negotiation is the old “Indecent Proposal” movie with Robert Redford and Demi Moore. RR is a multi-millionaire who wants to spend one night with Woody Harrison’s wife for $1,000,000 dollars — keep in mind that you live with that easement probably forever and whatever you agree to in that contract.

Very good idea to get an attorney involved in the ROW surface use agreements. Your family will have to live with the decisions for decades.

We have an attorney we used previously. Last pipeline we received 190/rod for a 4” diameter. So do I extrapolate (X2.5) the expected compensation? Thank you for your helpful responses

You may be in a great bargaining position. Say no and they have to go around you. Your value is the a function of the line across your property and the cost to take a different route. Atty: Harlan Hentges 405.340.6554 handles lots of pipeline issues & he is a farm kid.

Bide your time and be the last man standing. I was able to get $8000 for a pipeline to cross my 2.5 acres in Upton County TX because I was the lone holdout in a 164 acre undivided tract. They started out offering me $50. Sometimes slow and steady really does win the race.


What if the pipeline company has the right of eminent domain? Do they still have to go around?

If the company has right to eminent domain they don’t have to go around, but they must pay a fair value. An attorney like Harlan Hentges handles eminent domain cases. His number is 405.340.6554

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