Pipeline Right of Way Agreements

I know there are a number of pipelines going through Lewis County, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, the Stonewall Gas Gathering pipeline, and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline which I think used to be called the Southern Reliability Pipeline. Has anybody been approached with requests to survey property or right of way agreements or anything?

Hello Kyle,

I received a call from a pipeline representative yesterday, saying he was sending information and proposed payment for the pipeline thru property I own in Lewis County, I ask about the timber that will be cut etc. He did not menton survey property or right of way agreements. As soon as I receive the paperwork I will post on this blog the information he is sending. Do you know how they determine the rate to pay for the pipe i.e. sq inch? Thanks for any info that could help I appreciate everyone on this blog that give so freely of information about dealings with the Oil and Gas Companies.


There's a ton of discussion about how they determine what they're going to pay. One guy up in Tyler County has been asked to sell the Rover pipeline an easement, and the pipeline company is trying to avoid talking about price per inch per foot. It seems that people are starting to get knowledgeable about how to calculate that method of payment, and starting to ask for more, so the companies are changing the way they buy. Right now I'm seeing people talk about getting $100/foot for a 36" pipeline. I'm not sure how many of them are actually getting that.

I'm trying to get people to ask for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment from the company for as long as the right of way exists, with an increase for inflation. The one time lump sum payment doesn't take into account the fact that the right of way will be there for decades.