Pipeline questions

What is the current amount being paid per rod in Canadian county - for a pipeline to go across your property?? Also what should be added to the agreement to safeguard property ??? Would appreciate any advice

Hi Gaylene,

In case you havent, you might try to post your question the Canadian County, OK group

Knowing from experience, it is very important for you to get an attorney who is knowledgeable about pipeline agreements to look over your contract because all contracts favor the companies and they are getting harder and harder to deal with.

Joyce Michal

Dear Ms. Ashcraft,

As to price per rod, I tend to begin at a rate determined by the nominal diameter of the pipe. I use $2.50 per inch/foot of pipe. For example, a 10" pipe would be priced per rod at (10 x $2.50 x 16.5) $412.50 per rod.

A very good article on items to consider in a ROW is contained here in this blog post by Eric Camp.


It is not likely that you can negotiate as good a right of way, either terms or price, as a trained professional. Many pipeline companies will even reimburse you (at least to a degree) for hiring a landman or attorney to represent you.


Buddy Cotten