Pipeline Property Taxes in Texas?

Does anyone know if and how much a County can tax pipelines within the County? What are the Texas State Laws for that?

I would think that pipeline taxes are based on what the chief appraiser of each county determines its value to be.


Buddy Cotten

If you are a land or mineral owner you will not be taxed. Only the owner of the pipeline will be taxed


I believe your statement to be correct. I have only seen assessments on the actual pipeline itself - billed to the owner of the pipeline. Pipelines are considered "Business Personal Property" therefore, the owner should submit a yearly rendition (to avoid penalties) and provide a good faith estimate of its value. I'm not exactly sure how the appraisal districts determine the value.

I have almost a mile of pipeline on one of my places and have never been billed for it. The company keeps it mowed and makes a great spot for a couple of deer stands.

Thank each of you gentlemen for some answers. After talking with the Local Tax District the counties, at least some, have a an outside apprasial company that does the taxes on oil and gas production do the same for large pipeline systems.

Most likely they are all undervalued in my opinion.

After more searching and asking about Pipeline Values, Mineral and production appraisers for a lot of Counties in Texas use a firm named Prictchard and Abbot Inc. Their home office in Texas is in Ft. Worth Texas. They have several offices in Texas.

The website is www.pancdai.com. There is a lot of information on all kinds of mineral, oil & gas, and property taxes in Texas. Local County Tax districts use them also.
I highly suggest looking at this sight. It will answer all kinds of property tax questions. Basically they help the Texas Counties and State tax your property!