Pipeline from water well running across property

A company wants to run underground pipeline from their water well through our property. They are offering a one time payment of $48 per rod with an estimated 62.8 rods.

Does this sound fair?

It depends on the size of the pipeline (diameter), the width of ROW and your location (state, county and area). Post the question in the county where your surface is located and include the size. Sometimes you can get paid every 10 years instead of one-time. Also, the ROW should never be permanent, but terminate upon cessation of use or abandonment.

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Sounds like if there is no eminent domain powers that you are in the driver’s seat. If so you can say “No!”. Like oil and gas leases the devil is in the details of the easement.

Beyond the price they pay if the route they’ve proposed isn’t the one that best fits the future use and development of your land then changing it to suit you seems like a logical point for negotiation even if it increases the length of the right of way, or requires the line to make turns. I’d also want the easement restricted to that single pipeline and single use, carrying water, and include appropriate hold harmless and liability language.

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Attorney involvement recommended here.

Get an attorney that specializes in pipeline right of way. The decisions you make now can affect the property for decades!