Pipeline easment attorney to review Oneok easement

Arbuckle II coming through my place. I’m looking to switch lawyers. Any recommendations for Attorneys to review easement, handle negotiations, etc.

Have they surveyed yet? Thanks, Ms. Pat Malone

Let me add that I think I got them off my back with coming through my property. I sent them MY Land Access Permit to sign with MY provisions and my monitoring fee of $500/day and a stick figure of a shorter-more strategic route around my place. Last I heard from landman was that his supervisor suggested they use my route…they don’t know my land like I do…


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Bobby Reed is my lawyer. We settled today for $799. a rod. Oneok 30 inch pipeline

Ahh, thank you for the update. I haven’t begun negotiations quite yet.

In signing a pipeline easement agreement, there is so much more to consider than how much per rod you will get. And there is so much more to look at than the $ sign. Find an O&G attorney who specializes in O&G and one who can help structure an agreement that will protect your interests. Once you sign the operator’s “onerous” agreement, that’s it. You’re locked in … no going back to change anything.

FYI … there aren’t any O&G attorneys in Groesbeck.
Good luck.

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Hi @Shirley_White1. How did you agree to $799/rod? $1.50 per inch of diameter per rod comes out to $742.50. $2.00 comes out to $990. $2.50 comes out to $1,237.50. Did you use a different benchmark to come to an agreement?

Definitely speak with a Texas attorney, he or she doesn’t have to be in that town or county to provide you with assistance.

What ever that comes out to be. That’s what we settled on. $799. per rod.

Yes my lawyer spent lots of time on contract. Not just monies. As far as how we came up to the 799. I don’t know. I had told my lawyer I wanted at least $45. a foot.

It’s called a Pipeline Easement Agreement.
Good luck, Pat

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@Shirley_White1 how many rods do you have going through your place? We haven’t made a deal just yet with ONEOK and want to see if we are on the right track with our counter offer.

We settled for $799. a rod. I understood pipeline to pay lawyer, NOT the way it was. Get that in writing if they tell you that. We had to pay lawyer 5% of any over first offer which was $300. So get alittle more than $799 to take care of lawyer !! Live and learn. I intend to post facts on this form and try to help others with my own experiences.

Hey Shirley, This wasn’t Bobby Reed’s first rodeo, “I garontee.” It is very admirable that you want to help others with your own experience. So, maybe you might suggest that they go to a lawyer who specializes in O&G and pipeline easements, and negotiates in their best interests.

Did you know that there are 16.5’ in one rod?
Good luck, Pat

Shirley, that’s very commendable of you. Sharing your experience will help many others on here going through the same thing. I haven’t heard of a 5% fee arrangement. That’s lower than most contingency fees. But if you had perhaps already gotten the price up before the lawyer came into the picture, then I guess I could see that making sense. May I ask how far into the condemnation process you were before settling at $799? First/second certified offer letter? or had they already filed suit?

How many rods do you have going through your place?

259 rods. I guess they figure, they pay you large enough per rod you pay lawyer. I’m happy with the outcome.

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No suit filled and you are so right about getting the price up as far as you can, then get lawyer involved. We turned over to lawyer early on. I’m happy with outcome. Probably could not have gotten this much without lawyer. Everyone gets a piece of the pie!!