Pipeline easement

We have record an offer of $45 per rod for a proposed pipeline across our Reeves county property.

Any thoughts on whether this is a fair offer?

John O'Neil

received an offer, not record....darn computers!

John, probably way low. That breaks down to less than $3 per foot and I’ve had clients get a lot more than that for pipeline easements in Reeves County. Shoot me a message if you’d like to discuss your situation in greater detail. Best, Eric Camp

Don't take anything below $100./rod. which is what I received on my land about 7miles west of Pecos.

That was for 1 pipeline. If they want more lines the prices goes up. Lots of clauses needed for your surface rights, etc. Also, make sure your easement has a time limit....X number of years with a renewal clause..

r / Fred

Update....the pipeline company withdrew their offer. They've put the whole project on hold due to price of oil.

Can you provide the name of the company?

Lonestar Land Services.

Has the company started back on the project yet?