Pipeline Easement

We have received an offer of $206.25 per rod ($12.50 per foot) for a gas pipeline easement on property in Canadian County, OK. Anyone with an opinion if this is a fair price? Thanks for any advice.

Is that per month or per year or a one time payment?

Second question how close to you home or other buildings will the pipeline be? The closer to your home and buildings the greater risk the more money you should demand. 100' from your home should be in my opinion $10K per month, 10000' should equal $1,000.00 per month.

That's a one time payment and would be about 300 feet from any building.

They could not pay me enough to allow a pipeline on my property.

What if there is a leak? What if there is an explosion ans someone in your family is killed? What if workers are hurt installing the pipeline? What if workers are hurt providing maintenance of the pipeline? What if trespassers enter you property to take a look at the pipeline and are injured?

I you do allow it, request a free gas clause. Also, It will ruin the property for future development.

As far as liability, the contract can place the load on the pipeline company. Consult an attorney.

That's in the ball park of what we were offered in No. Dakota. The number of pipe runs and their diameter should also influence the /rod price as well, and should be clearly spelled out.

Dear Mr. Walker,

What is the nominal diameter of the line?


Buddy Cotten

Haven't received documentation yet on diameter, depth, etc. but will post it when received. Thanks for your interest.