Pipeline easement rates in Reeves

We did pretty good…because they came back for more. You have to do your due diligence and find everything that going on around your property. Find out who’s drilling around you an make contact with the landman. I knew exactly how much I could have received per rod, but that’s why they call it a negotiation and its an art. I made it up on the second deal. So pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered…

So how much did you get per rod

Can someone briefly explain what all this means? Are yall taking about companies running pipeline through you owned sections of land, or through your residential land?

Can anyone give me some advice on this matter? - An unauthorized road was put on a small portion of land I own with 4 others. It is used to get access to several oil/gas gathering points on property not belonging to any of us, so we do not get royalties. We are being offered a one time $40 per ROD and $40. For trespassing. The land will be returned to original condition. No time limits are mentioned. No date when road was actually created, but surveyed April 2019. Anyone else have to deal with sort of situation?

Ms Avery,

 It is a gamble, but I recommend that you hire an Oil/Gas Attorney in Texas to make sure your mineral rights are not being produced.  The $40 and $40 per rod should be acceptable . . . but check on those mineral rights!!

Stephen Watkins

Thanks for the advice. Mineral rights are not being produced , but this road is a short cut through rt. 10, near the clover leaf. Property near by is for sale for $ 150 per rod. It is very near potential row for oil, gas,wast water. Located on interstate road frontage.

I own property Block 55, sec 20 T&P S/2 tract 20, abstract 2222. Apache sent me an agreement to sign for them laying pipeline across our property. I sent it to my attorney. He looked it over & changed some of the wording in it , and sent it to Apache. It took a long time before they got back in touch with my attorney. They told him they had changed their minds. The project is at a halt for now. But if it starts again he would contact my attorney. After reading some of the comments on this forum, it doesn’t sound like the project has ended. Have anyone had this happen to you?