Pipeline Easement Rate

What are the going rates for pipeline easement in Live Oak County, TX? We have been offered $25 per ft for 2,870 ft of 6" pipe. Just wondering if this is a reasonable rate. R. Dickard


A couple things to watch out for:

Make sure to double check that they are offering $25 per foot and not $25 per rod (a rod is 16.5 feet). Easy to misread.

Does the document specifically state only one 6" pipeline? Pipeline easement documents frequently allow for more than one line or allow them to change the size of the line at any time.

How wide is the easement? They shouldn’t need more than a 30 foot easement for 6 inch line, but some will try to put in 100 feet with an ability to add a line later.

I always suggest letting a lawyer read over right-of-way or easement documents

You would make more money by the foot than by the rod. You can do the math yourself. Don’t know the prices around you. You could talk to neighbors. Might be a help. Louise welch