Pipeline Easement Prices


I am inquiring to see if anyone has been offered a surface lease for a pipeline easement. If so, what offers have you received? I’m trying to find out the going rate. Thank you!


Go . Go to University Lands Rates and Damage Schedule. It would depend on size of pipe, 6” on up http://www.utlands.utsystem.edu/OilGas


Folks on the forum can help, but you can also look on the University of Texas oil and gas site to see what their going rates are. Good idea to get an attorney involved as this lease will last a long time!


Unless eminent domain is involved, it is the per rod price to go around you.


Yes, I would recommend Wade Caldwell as an attorney at BEF, advertised on this site. I have several pipelines and a request for another. The rate has always been per rod. Anywhere from $120 to $285 depending upon the size of the pipe and whether it carries oil, gas, or salt water. Salt water should me more of a fee due to its corrosive nature and huge agricultural damage to the soil in a spill. Anyway, I am truing to figure out what a fee should be to just add a pipeline to an existing easement previously paid. Any sources for info would help. The university site does not seem to cover this situation. At least I could not find it. Many thanks for this great blog. r / Navgoat


Recently signed easement lease across land in NW Reeves county for 12" oil line. Included stipulation that company could drop a second line at a later date if they choose, with no additional lease fee. Paid $300/rod.


Who did you sign the deal with?