Pioneer swd on your property?

Does anyone have a Pioneer Natural Resources SWD that they operate on your property. We've had one for about 30 years on ours and was wondering about the price per bbl they are paying us and if we're even in the ballpark as to what we "should" be getting. You may private message me if you wish. Thanks for any help.

Taylor, the purpose of this forum is to provide education and open transfer of information so we all become more knowledgable and better equipped in dealing with the various oul companies.

Why dont you just share openly the terms of your SWD deal so that others might openly provide thoughts and suggestions?

Awesome, we get .10 per bbl... I'm told that's the most ANYONE gets in the area?? That's what I'm checking on. Thanks.

That is bound ro be way below current market but i suspect you are locked in from 30 years ago and that was whn royalty was often 12.5% subject to cost deductions.

I have a friend who owns a dispusal company and i will see what he says and responds

yes the agreement is from "way back", BUT, our only saving grace is it says in the agreement that it is to be negotiated every 2 years.... BUT, Pioneer isn't very interested in negotiating it every 2 years, if you know what I mean???

Is hat what you are told by the oil company or by other individuals on your side of the transaction?

oil company

i figure if we shut the well down for non-negotiation and they had to TRUCK that saltwater off the leases, it might just cost them a "little" more than .10 per bbl.... haha right??

10-15% of all revenue (water and skim oil) or 10 cents/bbl of water and 10% skim oil is probably better if he can get it.

That is a quote copied from the email i received only ommitting his signature.

thanks for your help, i do appreciate it, we'll see what we can do.

I don't know the answer, but recently I am getting some really surprisingly high offers for my small amount of rights. I wonder what's up...